TeST is managed by COMP-LET, s.r.o.
We are honoured to announce that since June, the 6th, after weeks of negotiations, the company TeST is managed by the Slovak composite producer COMPCOMP-LET, s.r.o. The decision made by former owners Mr. Teply and Mr. Jaros heirs by the end of 2007 was to sell the company to someone experienced, who will mantain or even extend the production of TeST. COMP-LET
  Cleared to 9500’ – Gulf Uniform Lima
Those were the words of joy we heard today as we circled on the windward (western)side of the Kaimai ridge at 3800’ picking our moment to dive over...
  TST-14M Bonus Successfully Certified in LSA Category
Steve Meassick, a dealer of TeST gliders in the USA, has successfully finalized the certification of the two-seater self-launcher TST-14M Bonus in the LSA category – CONGRATULATIONS!
  A new section - Used Gliders
A new section Used Gliders was created on our web pages. The pilots who want to offer their gliders produced by us to other pilots can contact us.
  The African Streak Continues
A series of excellent gliding achievements by a group of Czech pilots – who left for Pokweni, Namibia with the TST-10M Atlas glider at the end of November – continues on. On December 12, 2006 Lenka Luthanova flew closed track in excess of 806 km with an average speed of nearly 107 km/h and a ceiling of over 5000 ASML.
  Pilot Josef Busek flew a 802 km triangle
05.12.2006 An outstanding sport achievement was recorded on November 28, 2006 in Pokweni (Namibia) by pilot Josef Busek, who flew a 802 km triangle on his TST-10M Atlas with average speed exceeding 92 km/h. The achievement can also be assessed as a FAI triangle of 766.5 km. For more information, please see the Sport section. Congratulations!
  Long Wave Camp 2006
Three TST-10M Atlas pilots - Antonin Bruna, Vit Reich and Milan Klusak - took part in this autumn's Long Wave Camp in the Czech Republic's Jeseniky Mountains. All three pilots achieved very fine sport results. The highest ceiling of over 7.500 AMSL was reached by Milan Klusak on October 10, 2006. The excellence of the achievements of the three pilots, especially in light of the high level of competition, is evident from the final results table. The Atlas demonstrated once again that it more than holds its own in comparison to common gliders. Moreover, the retractable engine allows the pilot independent take-off at the optimal moment without having to wait for a towing aircraft. Our congratulations to all three pilots!

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