All the above mentioned accessories can be ordered either with a new aircraft or separately

Tail Dolly

The tail dolly is a very useful accessory for handling a landed glider. The TST-10 and TST-14 gliders are equipped with rotating tailwheels but the special dolly with its larger tire ensures easier handling of the plane during longer transport and significantly reduces the strain on the glider airframe.
The tail dolly has a laminated rim with felt lining and the wheel is a bantam type.

Wing Dolly

The wing dolly enables easier handling with a landed glider, especially when moving the glider from the hangar to the runway and back.
The dolly is attached to wings using a profile sleeve.

Covers for the Wings and the Fuselage

Fabric covers for wings, the fuselage and the horizontal tail plane are used to protect the glider from dust and mechanical damage during storage inside hangars. We offer two types of fabric covers:
made of light, thinner material - mainly for protection against dust; light and easy to store
made of thicker, quilted material - for greater protection against mechanical damage when handling gliders inside hangars

Additional Gel Battery

All instrumentation is normally fed from the main lead battery (12V, 14Ah), which also provides for retraction, detraction and starting of the engine. If energy demanding instrumentation is installed or if the pilot wants to ensure that power will be maintained throughout a long motorless flight, we offer auxiliary gel batteries (12V, 9Ah). A switch located in the pilot's right elbow rest is used to switch between the main battery and the auxiliary gel battery for all onboard instruments during flight (the engine is always fed from the main lead battery).
The gel battery is installed in front of the instrumentation panel, which enables easy access to ensure convenient battery recharging.

Canopy Cover

The canopy cover made of fabric is used during the storage of gliders inside hangars to protect the canopy from dust and mechanical damage.
The cover is made of 100% cotton, equipped with 4 slings ensuring reliable mounting to the glider. It is light blue in color.

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