Avionics and Other Equipment

Customers select the instrumentation for aircraft themselves upon placement of orders for new aircraft or during production although this must be done at least two months prior to delivery. Selected instrumentation and accessories will be either ordered and then installed into the aircraft by us or they may be supplied by an individual client (in such cases, we charge for the installation of instruments only).

We install the instruments into dashboards, into elbow rests in the cockpit or into other locations. The actual placement of selected instruments is specified in the order for instrumentation and accessories.

Dashboards can be mounted with the Brauniger AlphaMFD integrated digital measurement unit and three conventional devices with round display with a diameter of 57 mm, or up to nine devices with round displays.

List of producers

Becker Flugfunkwerk GmbH Radios, intercoms, navigation instruments
Borgelt Instruments Variometers, flight and navigation computers, loggers
Brauniger Flugeletronic GmbH Integrated engine and flight instrument
Cambridge Aero Instruments Variometers, flight and navigation instruments
EW Avionics Loggers
Filser Electronic GmbH Radios, intercoms, transceivers, ELT, GPS
Galaxy High Technology Emergency ballistic rescue systems BRS
Garmin GPS, navigational systems, radios, transceivers
Garrecht Volkslogger Loggers
Icom America Vysílačky, interkomy
ILEC GmbH Variometers, flight and navigation computers
LX Navigation d.o.o Variometers, flight and navigation computers
Microair Avionics Radios, intercoms
Mikrotechna Praha, a.s. Altimeters, mechanical flight instruments
Peschges Variometer Variometers, integrated navigation and engine instruments
Sage Variometers Variometers
SDI Variometer Variometers, navigation and flight computers, loggers
Sheffel Automation Loggers Themi
Tasman Instruments Variometers, engine instruments
Westerboer Instrumente Variometers
Winter Bordgeräte Mechanical flight instruments
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