ultralight composite motor gliders

Our main production program focuses on ultralight composite motor gliders. We currently offer the following:

TST-10M Atlas
single seat self-launcher with a retractable engine
TST-10MB Atlas
single seat self-launcher with a retractable engine and retractable undercarriage
TST-13 Junior
single seat glider with the engine located in the front and with a fixed three-wheel undercarriage
TST-14M Bonus
two seat self-launcher with a retractable engine

ultralight composite gliders

We also deliver motorless gliders, built for possible future engine installation. This enables our customers to buy a new glider for a reasonable price and have it equipped with an engine at a later time:

TST-10 Atlas
single seat glider
TST-14 Bonus
two seat glider

other service

Aircraft Equipment

The instrumentation of our planes is fully customizable. We cooperate closely with manufacturers and suppliers of all types of avionics and other types of instrumentation. Our customers choose suitable instrumentation for the dashboard themselves, as part of the order or during production.
Instruments ordered at least two months prior to the delivery of the aircraft will be installed, activated and tested.

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Optional Accessories

Our products can be supplied with a entire range of optional accessories such as fabric covers for the canopy, wings and fuselage, a tail dolly and the like.
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We can help You to get the transportation trailer for your plane - more info avionic.pl



An independent branch of our production focuses on products made from transparent plexiglas. We have furnaces and fixtures for larger products, such as canopies for gliders and ultralight aircraft, or for smaller components as various sporting accessories. We utilize technological procedures ensuring distortionless viewing through the curved shape of plexiglas products. We can even manufacture the form (cast) if needed.
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